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I have recently contributed to a book 'Adobe Master Class
Illustrator Illuminated' which in their words lets ' Fifteen professional
artists reveal their techniques, their inspiration, and tips for creative

The following is a review of my bit by Jim Harvey of JHV Digital, New
York, for Creative Cow Forums (he wasn't to complimentary about
the rest of the book!)

"Chapter two got me to sit up and pay attention. The authors were wise to choose Alan Raine as their first featured artist. Raine's technical illustrations are some of the finest in the world and although you won't learn anything about his process (regardless of what the book claims), just looking at his work can be an inspiration. Raine's illustrations are classic technical illustration at its best. This is a person who understands the power of Illustrator and utilizes it to create frighteningly complex illustrations of everything from industrial equipment to Sci-fi renderings. I'd like to see a book devoted to HIS techniques!"

As you can imagine I have a smug smile after this and just need a nice friendly publisher to put Jim's words in action - if only life was that simple!